Illustration of 'Walking to the End of the World'

'Walking to the End of World' by Regi Claire was illustrated by Nina Carter.

Ambit asked Nina about illustrating the story:

For me, Regi Claire’s piece ‘Walking to the End of the World’ articulates an ethereal sense of awe and wonder. After reading the piece for the first time, I felt a bubbling and active connection and a personal duty to fathom the connection between reality and imagination in the narrative. The text is peppered with wonderful examples of concrete material sitting alongside, and sometimes inside, the dream world. When reading the piece, I feel I’m with the boy, hovering around him with a slight voyeuristic perspective, but able to understand his intentions. My focus for the illustration was the relationship between the boy and the statue he notices in the cemetery, a ‘little child holding out both hands’, who seems to smile at the protagonist, ‘very faintly’. The two boys echo elements of one another, and the authentic connection between them, which bridges the fractures between reality and imagination, seemed poignant to me. When composing the image, I concentrated on their fragmented connection, existing within the same environment but on seemingly different realms. I rendered the statue boy in graphite pencil, a different tool to that which I employed for the human boy, elevating their sense of disparity. The human boy’s colour, in small moments, bleeds over the concrete lines of the statue boy, suggesting a merging of the two realms. The bending of the human boy around not only the statue, but also the frame, intends to illustrate the malleability of the character, which is referred to often within the text, as he is ‘steered’ through the narrative by the woman who clutches him and pulls him ‘along slovenly’ through the piece.