Ambit Issue 160

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 2 Franco Fortini Poems trans. Judy Gahagan
     Mike Foreman Drawing
 6 Nick Sweeney Balz's Churches
    Charles Shearer Drawing
 11 Myra Schneider Poems
 14 Eduardo Paolozzi A Celebration
 26 Pascale Petit Poems
      Robin North / Carolyn Carter Drawings
 30 Bart Plantenga Confessions of a Beer Mystic (an excerpt)
      Ken Cox Drawing
 39 Vernon Scannell Poems
 41 Edward McCarten Etchings
 47 Robert Seatter Poems
 49 Joel E . Turner The Fisheye Incident: Part 2 (of 3 parts)
 57 Martin Stannard Nothing to Write About
 60 Agnes Stein Poems
 62 Burns / Over Reviews
 68 Alan Brownjohn Poems
      Ron Sandford Drawing
 72 Jacquelyn Binet Poems
 75 Paul Bawden Monumental Drawings
 80 Gerald Locklin Poems
 84 Edward Lowbury Poems
 86 Tom Jenks Poems
 89 Gahagan /Jacobs Reviews
 95 Craig Cotter Poems
 98 Sid Thomas Poems
 101 Robert Vas Dias Poems
 103 Ron Sandford Portrait of Mike Foreman
 104 Ron Sandford Portrait of Martin Bax

Artwork on cover by Eduardo Paolozzi

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