Ambit Issue 169

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 2 Catherine Eisner  The Eleven Surviving Works of L v. K
 11 Abigail Mozley Poems
     Margot Cox Picture
 15 Margot Cox Frieze
 21 Julia Casterton Poems
 25 Michael Brett The Science of Imaginary Solutions
    Robert McAulay Picture
 32 Fred Voss Poems
     Ken Cox Picture
 38 Susan Wicks Poems
 40 N.S. Willey Poems
 43 Charles Shearer Spring Sketchbook 2002
 48 Bax, Markham Reviews
 53 Ismail B. Garba Poems
 56 Ron Butlin How Recent, Irreversible Changes...
 58 Alistair Wisker Poems
 60 Rob Mackenzie Poems
      Mike Foreman Picture
 63 Burns, Lomas, Over Reviews
 68 Gerald Locklin Poems
 70 John Gladwell Poems
 72 Chris Beckett Poems
 75 Lucinda Rogers New York & London
 80 Antony Nicholls Poems
 83 Julian Flanagan Poems
 85 Satyendra Srivastava Banaras - My Banaras
      Mike Foreman Picture
 92 Vénus Khoury-Ghata Poems, trans. Marilyn Hacker
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Robert Cole

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