Ambit Issue 28

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2 Martin Bax Are You Still Wearing Trousers
3 Stevie Smith Poems
8 Jack Marriott Striped in the Dark
14 Stuart Mills Poems
16 John Parsons Drawings
19 Gavin Ewart Poems
21 Christopher Ounsted The New Morality Play
22 J. Bronowski Californian Poems
23 Andrew Lanyon The Way Things Are
27 John Pudney Poems
29 Michael Jamieson Parties
33 Paul Wilks Poems
36 Gavin Ewart America tis of thee
38 Anthony Edkins Poems
41 Jim Barns Poems
43 Barry Cole Of Relative Importance
45 Martin Bax Shorter Notices
47 Dannie Abs The Ballad of Oedipus Sex

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