Ambit Issue 91

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3 Linton Kwesi Johnson Wat About Di Workin Claas
4 Sam Selvon Her Achilles Hell
8 Kamau Brathzuaite Dies Irae Edward
9 Ray Povey Drawings
17 Grace Nichols /  Lynda Nkem Chinaka Poems
20 Amryl Johnson Adrian
22 E. A. Markham Poems
26 Elyse Dodgson and Company Motherland
     S. E . Ashman Photos
50 A. L. Hendriks  / Michael Foreman Recollections of the Sun
52 John Agard Me Anancy Poor Anancy
53 Edgar White / Les Johnson In the City of Cities
64 Andrew Salkey Poems
66 Martin Bax / Peter Fraser / E. A. Markham Caribbean Ambit
68 James Berry  Poems
71 Errol Lloyd Drawings
76 Howard Fergus Trespass
77 Lynford French  Her Story
79 Caryl Phillips Coming Over
82 John La Rose  / Charles Shearer Poems
84 John Figueroa Poems
87 Peter Fraser Reviews
88 David Nathaniel Haynes Lamentations
95 Notes on Authors
96 Portrait of E. A. Markham

Cover Photo by E. E. Ashman Design by Alan Kitching

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