Art Fictions - Jillian Knipe speaks to Grant Foster

Art Fictions is a podcast which explores the art of stories and stories of art. Artists are invited to join a discussion with artist and writer, Jillian Knipe, about their artwork through the lens of a piece of fiction selected by them.

Ambit are delighted to host an exclusive long-form edit with Grant Foster. He selects and discusses 'The Atrocity Exhibition' by J.G. Ballard, first published by Jonathan Cape UK, 1970. Both artist and writer embrace in equal measure the freedom, fear and disappointment that results from the individual being a fragmented composition, vulnerable to manipulation and capable of dynamic reconfiguration. In hope and despair, Grant points out that there is the possibility that 'true form' can be found 'beneath the lie; beneath the sludge'.

Jillian and Grant discuss works from his exhibitions at Tintype, Lychee One and Transition Galleries, as well as the ideas, concerns and formal observations which shape his paintings.

Ambit has chosen to host this podcast because of the magazine’s association with J.G. Ballard who was a contributor and editor of the magazine over many years. You can read our history in the about page, browse past issues and even read a short story by Ballard in Ambit 96 (1984) called The Secret Autobiography of J.G. B******

See images of Grant Foster's work in our online exclusive here.

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(Mixed Tapes is an introductory series to Art Fictions recorded in lockdown with variations in audio quality.)