Sophie Larriemore is Drinking, Walking, Washing

“I paint dogs, but these are not dog paintings per se; I see them more as a way to explore texture, form and colour relationships I find interesting. Dogs have been in my work for some time. I liked that it was, like a traditional nude, a taboo subject (too frivolous or retrograde to pursue seriously) and thought it a good starting point. Over time the forms have become more generic, they have become elements I use to make compositions which interest me. Having a young daughter and living in a city I’ve been spending a lot of time in playgrounds. Some of these elements have naturally found their way into the newest work. Another artist recently commented that the work was “generous”. That is a good thing to keep working for in a painting.” Sophie Larrimore, 2017

Sophie Larrimore (b.1980), Annapolis, Maryland, USA lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Larrimore studied at the Cooper Union (2014). Recent exhibitions include: Sunday Painting, Nationale, Portland, USA (2017); Deep Ssips, Honey Ramka, Brooklyn, USA (2017); Between You and Me, Geoffrey Young Gallery, Great Barrington, USA (2016).

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