Ambit 100 Reimagining by Nina Carter

Ambit 100 reimagined by illustrator Nina Carter

Part of our 2020 REIMAGINING Series, when different artists re-worked classic AMBITs.

In May 2020, Ambit Illustration Editor Mireille Fauchon commissioned Nina Carter to illustrate Ambit 100 (1985).

Cover for Ambit 100 by Peter Blake

“My response to issue 100 was to appropriate the original cover illustration as a canvas to represent the content inside the issue. I borrowed the motif of tattoos with 100 tattoos being illustrated across the characters body displaying words, images and marks taken from different contributors’ work inside Ambit 100. These, out of context and in play with one another in a new way, celebrate the diversity of the content and provide a new platform for some of the narratives to exist. I also reworked the Peter Blake’s original character giving them a new perspective, looking back both at us and issue 100.” 

Nina Carter

Nina Carter is an illustrator and one of the founders of It’s Freezing in LA!, an independent magazine printing environmental slow journalism. She works as a freelance illustrator with clients including Nike, magCulture and Leighton House and is also a member of a number of collectives including Draw Lambeth. Nina is a Sessional Lecturer at Ravensbourne University and has been a Visiting Lecturer at a number of Universities including Winchester School of Art.

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