Illustration of ‘Fireman’s Carry’

Illustration by Emily Evans of Steven Heighton’s ‘Fireman’s Carry’

The short story, ‘Fireman’s Carry‘ by Steven Heighton was illustrated by Emily Evans. 

Ambit asked Emily about illustrating the story:

“I really enjoyed reading this story. The moment in Steven Heigton’s Fireman’s Carry that stuck in mind was the opening scene of the man carrying the coffin; the person concentrating on the intense task whilst also losing themselves to other memories. The rest of the narrative for me then starts to weave from that moment of reflection. With my collaged illustration I also wanted to hint at the other elements in the story including the snake and the bag so I wanted to test a composition that allowed other elements to be part of it. As I tend to work with collage I was drawn to the way the story seemed to be pieced from fragmented memories; I wanted to capture this in the illustration and feel that collage is particularly suited. I worked in a limited palette using riso printing which builds colours through layering to further achieve depth and texture. I work a lot of the time using collage and texture to create images, and storytelling is a really important part of my practice. I have also started to work with art direction and photography so that I can create my own content to collage with which is a direction which has allowed me to experiment with collage much more.”

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