EU RAVING with Rowland Hill

Installation artist Rowland Hill challenges perceptions surrounding the European Union

Interesting Times is a portentous reading of Britain’s current relationship with the European Union in the form of an ongoing series of ‘90s Eurodance mix tracks, dance floor installations and DJ sets.

Emerging in the immediate aftermath of the Berlin wall, Eurodance is noted for its lyrical optimism alongside an emotively charged minor key, storm cloud samples and references to bad weather, melodies reminiscent of breaking news, sound effects and beats that suggest states of both euphoria and emergency. Interesting Times provides a potential for togetherness through collective dance whilst disrupting the escapism and emotional catharsis associated with this genre, appearing to reference the present political crisis in an unsettling blend of doubt and hopefulness.

These images by Rowland Hill contain a selection of 90s albums from Eurodance acts and other affiliated genres and sub-genres such as Italo-dance, Euro House, Happy Hardcore and Trance. 

Included are some from this list, including:
2 Unlimited – Get Ready! (1992)
Alice DJ – Do you Think You’re Better Off Alone? (1998)
Base Department – You Let Me Down (1994)
Black Spaghetti – Stress No More (1995)
B.U.S – Maybe (1995)
Centory – Point of No Return (1994)
Critical Mass – Happy Generation (1996)
Da Blitz – Stay with Me (1994)
Da Blitz – Movin’ On (1995)
Da Blitz – Take my Way (1994)
Damage Control – Trust (1995)
Damage Control – You’ve got to Believe (1994)
Delegation – Wanna be the Winner (1994)
DJ Bobo – Take Control (1993)
DJ Dado – Face It (1995)
Emergency – Another Way (1994)
Face of Freedom – The Final Solution (1995)
Future Beat – Destiny (1994)
Molella – Confusion (1993)
New Limit – Lies (1998)
N-Trance – Set You Free (1994)
Planet Perfecto feat. Grace – Not Over (1999)
Priority – Time to Unite (1994)
Sash! feat. La Trec – Stay (1997)
Sash! feat. Tina Cousins – Mysterious Times (1998)
Shazam – No Guarantee (1994)
Sonata – Show Me The Way (1996)
State – Europe after the Rain (1994)
Storm – Storm (1998)
Ultra Naté – Free (1997)

Rowland Hill (b.1989) is based between Manchester and London. She studied BA Drama and English at University of Manchester (2011) and MA Fine Art at Slade School of Fine Art, London (2018). Recent exhibitions and performances include: Raven Row, London (2019), Organon, Odense (2019), Charlton Gallery, London (2017), Flux Factory, New York (2017), Aldeburgh Music (2016), Splendor, Amsterdam (2015), the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester (2015).

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