Briony Anderson’s Landscape

Artwork by Briony Anderson.

Anderson’s work explores the Western tradition of landscape representation as a means of investigating the evolving relations between actual, depicted, imagined and idealised landscape.

The works often take historical paintings as their starting point from which figures, or traces of human presence are erased. In borrowing images as sources, the traditions and tropes of landscape painting are the subject, rather than the observed ‘natural world’.

“My works convey landscape second hand – almost as memory and as archetypes – using images which have turned landscape into a readymade, reinforcing the artificiality of the images and persisting conventions of viewing. The work emerges from a convergence between the historical referents, landscapes of lived-in experience, memory and imagination, both mine and others.”

Briony Anderson (b. 1982, Aberdeen, Scotland) completed an MA at Edinburgh College of Art / The University of Edinburgh in 2005 and is in her final year of a five year work/live residency at Acme Studios Fire Station in London. Anderson had a large solo exhibition, Emergent View at EB&Flow Gallery, London in 2013. She is currently working on a commission for The University of Aberdeen University and a forthcoming solo exhibition at Acme Project Space, London (November 2014). Although painting forms the foundation of Anderson’s practice, it also encompasses video, performance, collaborative projects and a multi-disciplinary approach to landscape.

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