Proletarian Zen

                          How Zen master change sister life?
    First sister play many hour with silk worm. She wash sake cup when sake cup clean. She arrange flower till flower open mouth lose youth. She become very strict house keeper. Every day she make health food. Other sister feel pale moon so much health food. Today she make beancurd seaweed carrot small portion rice. Take to sister in garden. She give each chopstick tell chew very slow. First sister often get megraine. She lie on futon dim light, try make sense disturbance behind eye and in heart. She image hand of Zen master place lightly small of back. This make feel better.
Sometime she read book increase understanding of life.
                         Book often confuse sister.

     Second sister no like beancurd. She image prawnburger and cola. This sister modern. In morning she buy roller skate at market, tuck dress in knicker practice motion on wheel, concentrate keep weight forward; Haiku make itself. She careful not scuff knee. Zen master no like scab knee he want woman smooth like melon. Second sister write many poem. She read at small gathering to Very Big clap. Zen master approve. Sometime he slip holy arm in sister arm walk across flat grass where she speak new idea. He like sister be excited. In head. But sister also get excited in flesh. When this happen master make cold eye, give sister koan solve.
                        Sister write very sad poem.

    Third sister like beancurd very much. She eat all second sister beancurd. She have many chin. On ear very many jewel, see no ear only jewel. Black eye much fire. Third sister dream of Zen mistress all sun all moon. She  want put jewel ear on dark belly Zen mistress listen woman secret. Zen mistress very secret woman. She crush lemon verbena leaf on skin. Third sister intoxicate. She eat way through thousand plan catch heart Zen mistress.
                        New chin grow, New jewel on ear.

   Under lemon tree Zen master and first sister make love. It happen once month because Zen master swear celibacy vow. He break vow but jade stem need friend. It citrus affair. He silent. She satisfy. After, drink lemon kill thirst.
                        Much juice.

    Second sister smell Zen sex on first sister and write more sad poem. Rainstorm run down cheek. Why why why why why why second sister want know, Zen master choose illiterate one? Such clever man. Why he choose one with evil headache, who measure bowel movement in morning, check tongue for white sickness, who think haiku mean sound cock crow? Why not she with almond eye, shoulder like dancer? She ask him. Yes. Fed up.
   She make contraceptive. Very clever. From lychee skin. Aaaah.
                      She want taste Zen master.
'thigh glorius plump' whisper Zen mistress in jewel ear third Zuki sister. 'body smell make deeelirous' third sister take red pearl from ear thread
pubic hair Zen mistress.
'we meet often?' Zen mistress moan. 'often'.
Under lime nylon douve swap story and sister introduce Zen Mistress pork scratching and beer.
'pig wonderful beast' Zen mistress say, mouth full. 'woman more wonderful'.
Third sister switch on T.V. Watch election result. 'we see nation massacre itself Zen mistress sigh.
                      Advert come.  Many kiss.

     Zen master drink wine with disciple in garden many stone. Wrist quiet for sundown teaching. He smoke thin cigarette. New gold ring on finger. He make loud laugh. Second Zuki sister hear before see. Colour fry in cheek. She curse body tell tale. 1 GLIDE TO HIM she say. Curious beetle watch. She glide to him. She arrive. She sit very close. Zen desciple disappear. Master lift eyebrow high on holy forehead. Curious beetle tum on back.
                      Sister improvise scenario.

     First Zuki sister lie on hard floor board. She exercise weak muscle small of back. Breathe in deep hold, lift leg breath out, lower leg back hard floorboard. She make note go dentist next rice harvest. She feel good humour. Why? No tell why!
     She decide prepare small treat for sister.

'What can do for second sister?' ask Zen master. 'I want speak with you'.
'Speak' He make magnificant gesture.
'I would like offer non literary experience'.
'Ah'. Zen master put hand to lip. He make thinking sculpture. Then he say 'You offer buy me sweet plum wine?'
'I do not'.
'What then might you offer me?' He smile. Second sister say no word. 'You will sing for me?'
'I will not'.
'ENLIGHTEN ME.' Hecross arm and wait.
'I would like fuck with you'. Sister cheek go beserk. She wait answer. Will he give riddle first to solve? 'Where?'
Sister surprise. Master answer very quick. 'Perhaps in carpark? Cloud very discreet tonight'. Zen master stand up.
'Come on then' he say.
They walk. No look each other. Straight ahead. 'You very forward woman' Master catch moth. 'I no cherry petal exotic'.
Master laugh and squash moth.
First Zuki sister put three plum in bowl soak maple syrup. The she wash hand open newspaper  election  result. It very bloody  massacre.  Ballot  box full 40% poison.
'Good evening sister' Third sister say. She smell of beer. Eye shine like new computer. She put hand in bowl, take out plum, put in mouth. Lick finger. 'Beautiful first sister. I will give massage and then you grow supple like
plum tree'.
She stretch out arm. Yawn very deep.
'You drink too much grain liquid to forget massacre?'
First sister put lid on bowl plum. Third sister shake chin. 'You choose new jewel for ear?'
'I commune with Goddess'.
First sister find life very big puzzle. Door open. Second sister enter. Hair hang like oil rag.
First sister smile buddha smile.
'Good evening second sister. You mend third sister motorbike?'
'No'. Second sister sit. She have grease on leg. Third sister know answer. 'You put oil on body forget massacre?'
'No'. Second sister light small pipe make smoke.
'What then you do?' First sister dare ask, in case sister talk long long time about poem she write.
'I commune with Mini Metro'. Sister make more smoke. First sister
think ... aaah ... sister artist, she make word with spirit of ancestor.
Third sister understand. Zen mistress tell many tale jade stem in car park. 'Then I must give you massage also. Make much lead poison come out body'.
     First sister despair life pass her by like small butterfly.
     Outside bird cry. Foot step in garden. Close. Twig snap. Zen  master stand by window. Shadow make two Zen master. First and second sister look each other. Heart flutter like calculator go wrong. Third sister take more plum. Open newspaper on Woman page. Wind blow. Blossom fall soft drift on master. First sister open window. Vein in long neck throb like baby thunder. Zen master speak.
'Like petal scatter in wind ... I also make journey'. 'You leave us master?' Second sister hold breath.
'They call me back Tokyo' Zen master wear new straw sandal. 'You make new temple?' First sister touch pulse.
'One way yes other way no'. Third sister spit out plum stone. 'You take wife?'
Master walk two hard footstep. Worm break on grass.
'No. YOU take wife'. Master close hand. 'I have gift'. Master open hand. Red pearl centre of lifeline.
Third sister take. She smile new moon smile. Put red pearl in mouth. First and second sister no understand. Why master give sister gift?
'What do you do Tokyo?' Second sister ask. Already she make sad poem. 'Now we hear election result it very good tie for all master. They make
me manager big car factory'.
'You Zen capitalist' Third sister scoff. Master blink.
First sister take bowl plum.
 'Master like sweet plum?' she say make voice like lute.
'I like very much' Master bow head.
First sister open lid. No plum. She choke dragon.
'I grow plum so I eat plum.' Third sister put out  fire. She look  master very fierce eye.
'Master no make car so why master make much gold lotus?' Master make wind with hand.
'First sister. You already have small gift from master.' First sister drop head. Tear fall on kimono.
Second and third sister feel much pain hit breast. Third sister wipe away tear with chin. Second sister stroke first sister hair. She feel much noise in sister head.
'Second sister'. Master voice like emperor now he manager big car factory.
'You speak me master?'
'Second sister. It true you no cherry  petal exotic. Lychee skin like razor. It take off skin jade stem. But master forgive'.
Second sister make two strawberry in cheek. Master speak more.
'Zen is radical  philosophy.  Church  of  England  no  make  woman  priest ... I make you mistress to disciple here'.
Second sister forget sad poem. She feel light bulb in chest. On off on off on off.
'It very great medal master'. Master click tongue.
'First task. Burn one perfume. Then two perfume. Then three perfume. Disciple must say what material go into perfume and write apposite poem. What aim of task sister?'
Sister think three second.
'Aim of task understand civilization master'.
'WRONG second sister. Aim of task banish intellect.'
Master make three bow. He have much little white snow in hair. Take five step back, make more bow, turn half moon, leave sister
                                For Ever.

     Second and third sister look at first sister. Sun dip in cloud. Concorde aeroplane fly above house.
'What your gift first sister?'
First sister make no speak. She put hand on belly and make
                               many weeping.

     Four year pass. Very hard year. New government commit much poverty.
     Second sister sit in garden of many stone. She smoke small pipe make much subversive smoke. She famous teacher. In beginning sister find no intellect with disciple to banish. She teach complete work Mao Tse Tung, Marx, Lenin, Alexander Kollentine, Rosa Luxembourg. Three disciple become barefoot doctor. New government censor sister poem. Italy like sister poem very much. Peasant and worker take turn read. Whole family
listen and nod head.
      First sister enter garden with young daughter. Often second sister teach first sister and now sister -find life not so big puzzle and teach small daughter. Small sister wave Auntie, small hand much love.
'We go rollerskate?'
     Sister look each other.
'I do lesson solo' First sister say. She glad have break. Head full ant. When she say this second sister, sister say not ant, dialectic.
     They go. Big hand in small hand. Young daughter will scuff knee many many time.
     Sound of motor bike in garden. Snail tuck head in shell. Third sister speak through helmet. She have four new chin.

                                 'Dearest fist sister. I must go give
                                 speech for new election victory. On
                                 new mountain we sing new song.'

She rev motorbike.

                                  'Are you scare sister?'

                                  'Only seventh chin scare. For what
                                  scientific never fear criticism.'

First sister feel much proud.

                                'We grow ourself new orchard

Tree in garden listen. It resolve grow two inch.

                                 'I have message. Zen Mistress
                                 make seaweed chestnut duck prawn
                                 thick noodle beancurd beef and rice.
                                 She use whole month social security
                                 cheque. So when you and sister and
                                 small sister want eat, you come.'

First sister no longer get megraine. 

                                  'Tell Zen mistress we thank her.
                                  And tell Zen mistress tonight I
                                  oil and coil long black hair
                                  make perfect. We eat soon'.

     Third sister whizz off. Snail come out shell. Motor bike has sticker say
     Cricket make song in grass. Sky make blush. Tree try very hard grow centimetre. Sound of roller skate far distance. Blossom make radical juice. First sister shut eyelid. Make very quiet in centre of belly. She think of holiday for daughter sister and Zen mistress. Plan make itself.
                                 Package Tour, Five, Moscow.