Ambit Issue 10

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Ambit 10 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 Manchester Ambit
3 Jack Marriott Looking for McDonagh
 Retrospect 4 -
5 The Peterloo Group
9 Tony Connor The Seven Last Poems of Uncle Harry
18 Colin Johnson Three Drawings
19 Barry White Three Drawings
20 Stanley Crosland Three Drawings
21 Michael Holroyd Two Poems
22 Bill Tate The Incident at Carnaevon
26 John Knight Port Quin
27 Noel Varney Caged Birds
28 Michael Snow Three Paintings
31 Robin Skelton Four Poems
36 Adam Hardwick Porto Venere
49 Notes on our Contributors

Artwork on cover by Michael Snow
Photo: Adrian Flowers

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