Ambit Issue 103

Ambit 103 ISSN: 0002-6972

2 Peter Porter Poems
    Charles Shearer Drawing
6 Simon Williams Poems
7 Anthony Donaldson Bronze, Stone, Plastic, Oil
11 E. A. Markham A Cover-Up Story
14 Earle Birney Poems
19 Robert Sward How to Cure a Broken Heart
      Michael Foreman Drawings
25 Margaret Lowinger In San Francisco
28 Matthew Sweeney Poems
29 Agnes Stein Poems
30 Bernd-Jentzsch Poems
32 Richard Dyer The Room
34 Paul Jarnsens For Kundera's Laughter & Forgetting
39 E. A. Markham The Princess
     Laura Knight Drawings
48 Peter Howe Poems
52 Jane Muende Little Ones
54 Greg Zeck Fodo's Erotic Eastern Europe
     Miles Aldridge Drawing
59 Robin Leanse, Simon Gibson, Romesh Gunesekęra Poems
60 Michael Roberts Poems
62 Mike Ross Modern Art
64 Judith Kazantzis Poems
68 Roger Finch Poems
70 Wes Magee Poems
72 Ralph Steadman Extraordinary People
78 Keith Please Poems
     Blaise Thompson Drawings
82 Val Warner At the Hearth
83 Adcock et Al Reviews
89 Tony Dash Under the Dome
     Patrick Hughes Drawings
96 Ron Sandford Tony Dash

Magazine designed by Derek Birdsall and Alan Kitching

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