Ambit Issue 104

Ambit 104 ISSN: 0002-6972

2 Henry Graham Moth
    Suze Cope Drawing
 4 Stephen Dixon The News
    Robert MacAulay Drawing
    E. A. Markham A Poem For Peace
    Ralph Steadmam The Living Skeleton
 16 Kirby Olson All at Once
 17 David Renfrey Tables
 21 Ann Kelly Ages of Women
 25 Lucy Ann Watt Poems
 26 David Winwood Poems
      Charles Shearer Drawing
 29 Geoff Nicholson Bad Chemicals
      Blaise Thompson Drawing
 39 Julia Casterton Poems
 42 Anthony Edkins House Guest
 43 Michael Harrison Drawings
 46 Gary Geddes Poems
 49 Anthony Edkins Letters
 50 Hans Georg Bulla/D. H. Wilson Poems
 52 Stuart Chester Drawings
 55 Angela McSeveney Poems
 57 Sarah Denvir Poems
 59 Michael Foreman Drawing
 64 Pat Albuquerque Poems
 66 Roth/Stein Poems
 68 Sylvia Kantaris Poems
 71 Eugene Dubnov Crocuta Crocuta
     Laura Knight Drawings
 75 Carolyn Gowdy The Tempest
 80 Susan Taylor Poems
 83 Lomas/Burns/Lovelock Reviews
 92 Ferdinando Camón Poems
 93 Edward Lowbury Poems
96 Ron Sandford/Edward Lowbury

Magazine designed by Derek Birdsall and Alan Kitching

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