Ambit Issue 107

Ambit 107 ISSN: 0002-6972

2 Peter Porter Poems
     Michael Foreman Drawing
5 Jim Mangnall Vigil
     Laura Knight Drawing
 9 Henry Graham Separations
     Suze Cope Drawings
14 Julia Casterton Poems
      Mark Foreman Drawing
 20 Robert Sward My Dancing Girl Father
 22 Judith Kozantzis At the end of our lives
      Michael Foreman
24 Susan Rapaport Poems
25 Alistair Wisher A Piece of Max
30 Friederich Rothe/Agnes Stein Poems
33 Andrzej Klimowski Prints for a different word
38 Vernon Scanneil Skirts & Trousers
     Michael Foreman Drawing
40 Robert Sward How to Cure a Broken Heart
47 Gavin Ewart Poems
50 Andrew Baker Drawings
53 Peter Johnson Derby Day
     Michael Foreman Drawing
56 Marianne Wiggins Kafkas
     Michael Foreman Drawing
62 Shirley Bell Poems
     Robert MacAulay Drawing
66 Albert Russo Unmasking Hearts
73 Geoffrey Holloway Poems
75 Tim Cunningham Poems
76 Eileen Cooper Drawings
81 Gavin Ewart/Julia Casterton/Martin Bax Reviews
91 Jonathan Treitel Poems
92 Ambit News/Ambit Authors
93 Ron Sandford Fleur Adcock
94 Fleur Adcock Poems
96 Ron Sandford Fleur Adcock

Magazine is designed by Derek Birdsall and Alan Kitching