Ambit Issue 108

Ambit 108 ISSN: 0002-6972

2 Ken Smith from Inside Time
    Michael Foreman Drawing
11 Susan Rapaport Poems
12 Judi Benson Poems
17 Blaise Thompson Monotypes from the Life Class
21 Judy Gahagan Poems
23 Nicholas Burbridge Poems
24 Ralph Steadman Crucifixion Man
26 Edward Lowbury Poems
28 Michael Horbury From Black Ties and Purple Hearts
     Martin Kimmer Etchings
36 John Harvey Poems
40 Sophie Frank Birth
     Sarah Denvir Drawing
45 John Gower A Man/Papa
46 Nichola Manning Poems
     Veronica Bailey Drawing
49 Andrew Kulman Drawings
54 Aidan Murphy Poems
56 Martin Stannard Poems
      Shaun Leckenby Drawing
60 Tony Dash Hop-Scotch in a Narrow Room
     Laura Knight Drawing
66 David Jacobs Poems
67 John Lancaster Poems
     Piers Wallace Drawings
72 Peter Sansom News From Local Galleries
74 Paul Groves Poems
75 Ambit Activity
76 Julia Casterton First Nights
77 Tim Dooley Poems
79 Jane Stanton At the Lawless
84 William Petty Poems
85 Notes on Authors
86 Casterton/ Burns Reviews
95 Peter Finch The Runners
96 Ron Sandford Bernard Stone

Magazine is designed by Derek Birdsall and Alan Kitching

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