Ambit Issue 112

Ambit 112 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 Pier Paolo Pasolini trans Stuart Hood Let The Young Take Over
    The Italian C.P.
10 Jan Segal / Jiři Kolař Pictures From An Exhibition
17 Jim Mangnall Random Walk
      Michael Foreman Drawings
 28 Gerda Mayer Poems
 30 John Pudney On Days I Levitate
 31 Andzej Klimowski Faces And
 36 Sylvia Kantaris Poems
 38 David Taylor Hysteria, Belief and Magic
      Laura Knight Paintings
 50 Agnes Stein Poems
 52 Norman Ackroyd Travels With Zinc And Copper
 56 Jonathan Treitel The Devil Between The Toes
 Blaise Thompson Drawings
 61 Richard Askwith Only Above Thick Smoking Roads
 63 Lomas / Burns / Bax Reviews
 70 John Harvey Poems
 72 Ralph Steadman Starvation Farm
 74 Henry Graham Liebestod
 75 Julia Casterton Poems
 78 Kirby Olson Sarah Bernhardt's Leg
 83 Peter Finch Ex-Smokes Man Writes Epic
      Robert MacAulay Drawings
 87 Sidney Bernard Smith Piece
 88 Gavin Ewart A Northern Master
 90 Jim Burns Poems
 95 Notes on Authors
 96 Ron Sandford Jim Burns

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