Ambit Issue 113

Ambit 113 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Kevin Crossley-Holland Cornucopia
 4 Katharina Havekemp / William Abbey The Sign Maker of Colmar
    Michael Foreman
 14 Julieta Rubio Pictures from Neruda
 17 Brian Dawkins Winter on the Way
      Hannah Firmin
 20 Vernon Scannell More Ballads
      Robert MacAulay
 26 Steve Lambert Moving In
 27 Carl Tighe And Now This
      Martin Leman
 34 Martyn Willey December
 35 K. Lloyd-Thompson A Niche In Time
 36 Susan Wicks Poems
 38 Dave Calder Poems
 39 Sophie Frank Bend Me, Shape Me
 43 Judith Kazantzis Death Rhymes
      Michael Foreman
 50 Alistair Wisher Poems
 53 David Remfry Face Masks Stilts
 56 James Sutherland-Smith Poems
      David Remfry
 60 Paul Skinner Poems
 62 Lucy Ann Watt Poems
 65 Ken Smith Ike's Poem I Never Wrote
 70 Ralph Steadman Extraordinary People
 72 Lomas / Casterton / Gahagan / Burns Reviews
 80 Geoff Hattersley Poems
 82 Peter Redgrove from An Alchemical Journal
      Laura Knight
 90 Ron Sandford Laura Knight
 92 Ron Sandford On The Oil Rigs
 96 Notes on Authors

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