Ambit Issue 115

Ambit 115 ISSN: 0002-6772

 1 Sydney Bernard Smith Homage to Dinneen
 8 John F. Deane Revolution
 9 Louis Le Brocquy Studies Towards an Image
 16 Ron Sandford Louis le Brocquy
 17 Theo Dorgan Speaking to my Father
 18 Dermot Healy The Salmon of Knowledge
    Laura Knight Drawings
 30 Justin McCarthy Poems
 31 Carl Tighe Bug Out
 42 Bernadette Matthews Poems
      Michael Foreman Drawings
 50 Cathy Carman Sculptures and Drawings
 56 Padraic Fiacc Poems
 58 Thomas McCarthy Poems
 60 Sam Burnside Poems
 62 Ann Kelly The O'Caseys
      Breon O'Casey Drawings
 67 Matthew Sweeney Poems
 68 Aidan Murphy Poems
 71 Bernard Share The Finner Faction
    Blaise Thompson Drawings
 81 Ciaran O'Driscoll Poems
 83 Mew / Casterton / Scannell / Lomas / Burns Reviews
 88 Macdara Woods Poems
 90 James Liddy Poems
     Robert MacAulay Drawings
 93 Notes on Authors / Irish Number
 94 Gerry Reidy Poems
 96 Ron Sandford Sydney Bernard Smith
Artwork on cover by Louis le Brocquy
Designed by Derek Birdsall

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