Ambit Issue 116

Ambit 116 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Peter Porter Poems
     Michael Foreman
 6 Suzan Rapaport Poems
 7 Martin Bax Perryweather and the Passport
    Robert MacAulay
 18 Martin Stannard Poems
 21 Charles Shearer Travels East
 26 Felicity Napier Poems
 29 Aidan Higgins Black Napoleon in Drag
     Blaise Thompson
 39 Gerard Gorman Poems
      Laura Knight
 42 Jules Smith Poems
      Patrick Hughes
 45 Robert Scriven Metal Sculpture
 50 E. A. Markham Grandmother's Last Will And Testament: Cricket To The Chinese
      Ron Sandford
 64 Notes on Authors
 65 Edward Lowbury Poems
 68 Eugene Dubnov Poems
 72 Sam Savage Poems
 74 Anthony Howell People Wear Their Nudity Like Clothes
      Dilys Bardwell
 79 Beryl Martindale Poems
 80 Jim Burns Reviews
 84 Leland Bardwell Poems
 86 Ann Rees Poems
 87 Casterton / Lomas / Burns Irish Reviews
 94 Paul Groves Poems
 96 Ron Sandford Julia Casterton

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