Ambit Issue 120

Ambit 120 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Edwin Brock Poems
    Laura Knight Drawing
 7 Martin Bax A Trip to Dublin
    Ken Cox Drawing
 12 Felicity Napier Bopping in the Dark
 13 Ron Sandford Drawings
 17 Peter Porter Poems
    Robert MacAulay Print-Out
 23 Madeline Munro Poems
 26 Joukko Turkku When the Bees Got Out
      trans Herbert Lomas
       Michael Foreman The Beeman and the Hawkspoint
 28 Edwin Brock The Rebirth idea
 30 Anne Born Poems
 32 E. A. Markham Sojourn in Papua New Guinea
      Michael Foreman Papua Pig
 39 Paul Mills Message from Cygnus
 42 Pauline Holdstock The Master's Bedroom
 Michael Foreman Bedroom Goat
 46 Henry Graham Poems
 48 Jonathan Treitel The Nearest-Run Thing
      Michael Foreman Drawing
 50 Bruce MacLean Art Works
 59 Ron Sandford An Orchid
 60 Julia Casterton Poems
 63 Burns / Donelly / Lomas Reviews
 72 Liz Dearden Poems
    Caroline Goudy Drawing
 75 Ken Cox Paintings
 80 Alistair Wisker Poems
 83 John Figueroa Strong / Weak. Sweet / Sour
 88 Mara Bergman Poems
 90 Susan Taylor Poems
 92 Notes on Authors
 94 Fleur Adcock Poems
 96 Ron Sandford / Edwin Morgan

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