Ambit Issue 128

Ambit 128 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Vernon Scannell Compulsory Mourning
 5 Ursula Isler trans Judy Gahagan Day of Wrath
    Michael Foreman
 14 David Heidenstam The Hands
 15 Ron Sandford Four Drawings
 19 David Heidenstam Poems
 20 Gavin Ewart Poems
 22 Gerrit Jan Van Der Duim Martha's Walk
      Linda Sutton
 27 Taner Baybars Poems
 28 Michael Kelly Poems and Pictures
 32 Ian Pollock Miracles of Christ
 38 Gerard Woodward Poems
 40 David Belbin Different Ways of Getting Drunk
      Ken Cox
 50 Donald Atkinson Poems
       Laura Knight
 54 Laura Knight Paintings
 57 William Oxley Poems
 59 William Park Coming Round the Mountain
 60 Tony Dash Poems
 62 Julie Whitby Poems
 63 Han Gunther Manck trans Irving Wardle Stones
 68 Joel Lane Poems
 71 Jeff Nultall Eyes
 75 Geoff Hattersley Poems
 77 Herbert Lomas / Jim Burns Reviews
 86 Kenneth Lang Variations
 89 Meilo So
 93 E. A. Markham George MacBeth
 94 George MacBeth Sonnets

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