Ambit Issue 131

Ambit 131 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Selima Hill Poems
    Freire Wright Drawing
 8 Judy Gahagan Setting the Piazzas Alight
    Anne Howeson Drawing
 16 Hugh Hall Poems
 17 Julie Whitby Poems
 19 Charles Shearer Christmas in Prague
 24 Barbara Clarke Poems
     Charles Shearer Drawing
 27 Alexis Lykiard Family Mementoes or Jacques Prévert The Slavedriving Angel
    Ken Cox Drawing
 35 Jennifer Olds Poems
 38 Nicki Jackowska Poems
     Laura Knight Drawings
 42 Anthony Howell Poems
 45 Sue Flynn Of Dolls and Games
       Ian Pollock Drawing
 48 Peter Finch Poems
 50 Simon Woolford for Ballard's Coming To America
 55 Ted Burford Poems
 57 Martin Stannard Poems
 60 Judi Benson Poems
 62 Sue Hubbard Poem
 63 Victor Anant Donkey (for Monkey)
      Michael Foreman Drawing
 67 Alistair Wisker Poems
 69 Sophie Frank Veil
 73 Chris Bendon Poems
 76 Jim Burns Reviews
 81 Edmund Prestwich Poems
 83 Jessica Spanyol Drawings for Mr T. S. Eliot
 87 R. G. Gregory Poems
 89 James Laughlin Byways

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