Ambit Issue 133

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Ambit 133 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Judy Gahagen Five Reflections while Cooling the Mark Out
     Michael Foreman Drawing
 5 Nelly Dimitranova Portraits
 9 Gavin Ewart Poetry Workshop
 15 Geoffrey Nicholson Songs of Innocence And Volkswagens
      Michael Foreman
 25 Henry Graham Bar-room Ballards
      Ken Cox Drawing
 29 John Emmanuel Five Studies
 34 Rosemary Norman Poems
 36 Francis Kuipers From Celebrance of Pity
      Michael Foreman
 43 Fred Voss Poems
 46 Chris Orr New Testament Dogs
 50 Myra Schneider Poems
 52 Tony Dash Beasts of Burden
      Michael Foreman Drawings
 56 Robert Cole Poems
 58 Elizabeth Bartlett Poems
 59 Kim Bach Paintings
 63 Vicki Feaver Poems
 65 Burns / Mayer / Lomas Reviews
 74 E. A. Markham President Horace the Second, Howe
 78 Lotte Kramer Poems
      Laura Knight Drawing
 81 John Schuetz Photomontage
 89 Prosper Dowden Poems
 Robert MacAulay Drawings
 92 Julia Casterton Poems
 94 Susan Wicks Poems
 95 James Laughlin Byways 13

Artwork on cover by John Emmanuel

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