Ambit Issue 134

Ambit 134 ISSN: 0002-6772

 3 Jacqueline Lucas Poems
    Charles Shearer Drawing
 8 Gerard Furey Wilderness Woman
     Blaise Thompson Drawings
 15 Judith Kazantzis Poems
 17 Linda Sutton Venice and Beyond
 21 Deborah Pease Poems
      Ann Howeson Drawing
 24 Duncan Curry Poems
      Michael Foreman Drawings
 27 Anthony James A Hammer in the Sky
 28 Vernon Scannell Poems
      Robert MacAuloy Drawing
 31 Ted Burford Black
 35 John Heath-Stubbs Cimex Lecturalis
 36 Rebbeca Lilly When the Wild Things Came
      Michael Foreman Drawing
 39 John Harvey Poems
 42 Charles Shearer Goes East
 46 Henry Graham Bar-room Ballads
 49 Scannell / Lomas Reviews
 54 Edward Lowbury Poems
 56 Christine McNeill Poems
 58 Ken Cox in Greece
 62 Scannell / Burns Reviews
 66 Tony Dash Poems
 68 Sonia Besford How to Catch the Thalasson
      Laura Knight Drawings
 85 Rupert Mallin Poems
 86 Vanessa Jackson Prints
 90 James Laughlin Byways 4

Artwork on cover by Michael Foreman

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