Ambit Issue 135

Buy Ambit 135 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 Risto Ahti / trans Herbert Lomas Poems
    Michael Foreman
 8 Barry Fogden Hey Hey Paula
 9 Joe Caldwell The Headsman
    Ken Cox Drawing
 23 Ron Sandford One or two of the ten thousand
 28 John Harvey Poems
 31 Penny McCarthy Poems
 32 Judy Gahagan Quartet
 37 Michael Daugherty Poems
 41 Norman Ackroyd Etching
 47 Alexis Lykiard Crop Circles
 48 Satyendra Srivastava Poems
 51 Mike McCormack The Occupation: A Guide for Tourists
      Robert MacAulay Drawing
 56 David Grubb Poems
 58 Chide Onwuka Luck
      Charles Shearer Drawing
 65 Richard Dyer Poems
      Ralph Steadman Drawing
 68 John Cotton Poems
 69 Victor Annant Come Back, La Paz
      Laura Knight Drawing
 73 Gahagan / Bax / Burns / Lomas Reviews
 82 Rupert Mallin Poem
 83 Lorna Liffen Poems
 84 Felicity Napier Her Name Is Teháamana Poem
 86 Jan W. Faul Stills That Move
 91 James Laughlin Byeways 5 - Melissa Poem

Artwork on cover by Ron Sandford