Ambit Issue 136

Ambit 136 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Peter Porter Death's Door
    Michael Foreman Drawings
 11 Peter Porter Carry his water to the Wise Woman
 12 Judy Gahagan Ice Cream
      Charles Shearer Drawing
 19 Frank Auerbach Paintings
 24 Taner Baybars Poems
 25 Lotte Kramer Post-War
 27 Bob Hinshelwood His View Of Himself
      Ken Cox Drawing
 35 Henry Graham Bar Room Ballads
 38 Eliza Kentridge Etchings
 43 Alistair Wisker Home from Abroad
 44 Colin Sutherill Poems
 46 Sue Flynn Breaking a Blue Cup
       Robert MacAulay Drawing
 49 John Sewell Poems
 51 Sebastian Morpurgo Paintings
 56 W. G. Shepherd Poems
 58 Edwin Brock, Jim Burns, Vernon Scannell Reviews
 64 Sue Flynn Wanting
      Special American Set
 66 Gerald Locklin Poems
 69 Jane Hilton Poems
 Ann Howeson Drawing
 72 CB Follett Poems
 74 Fred Voss Poems
      Ann Howeson Drawing
 78 Philip Gourevitch Kreel Here
     Michael Foreman Drawing
     John Lavieri Poems
 92 J. Laughlin Byeways
 95 Marvin Cohen Poem
 96 Ralph Steadman Drawing

Artwork on cover by Frank Auerbach, Head of Margaret Schuelin, 1982-83

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