Ambit Issue 137

Ambit 137 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Vernon Scannell Poems
    Michael Foreman
 6 Gordon Mason Poems
 7 Joel Lane Every Scrapbook Stuck with Glue
 14 Judy Gahagan Poems
 16 Alex Lykiard His Exequies
      Robert MacAulay
 18 David Remfry A Little Night Music
 23 Phil Bowen Behind the Landscape
 24 David Jacobs Poems
 26 Nick Pemberton Costa del Sol
      Ken Cox
 32 Ted Barford Poems
      Anne Howeson
 35 Giuliano Gramigna Poems
 36 Les Coleman Unthoughts
 37 Clare Jarrett In the Studio
 43 Dick Hill Poems
 46 Gerard Furey Headphones
      Michael Foreman
 50 Peter Bakowski Poems
      Charles Shearer
 54 Martin Bax, Barry Cole Reviews
 60 Colin Holcombe
 62 Sue Jackson As long as it's not a habit
 64 Peter Bakowski A thousand eyes and not much petrol
 65 Martin Stannard Five Poems
 67 Christopher Garner Prints
 71 Julia Casterton Poems
 73 Helen Kitson Rachmaninov
      David Remfry (Man with 3 ladies)
 76 Colin Nixon Poems
 77 Annemarie Austin Poems
 78 Laura Knight
 80 Jim Burns Reviews
 84 James Laughlin Byways
 93 Patrick Hughes Things
 96 Ron Sandford Patrick Hughes

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