Ambit Issue 138

Ambit 138 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Jim Burns Poems
 5 Judy Gahagan On The Occasion of the Last Time
    Laura Knight Drawing
 13 Mark Goodwin Poems
 14 Risto Ahti trans. Herbert Lomas Poems
      Michael Foreman Drawing
 18 Christopher Le Brun Details
 23 Gavin Ewart Poems
 26 Pavel Pietar Lino Cuts
 31 Kate Clanchy Poems
 32 Ken Cox Lithuania to Glasgow
 36 Susan Wicks Poems
 38 Geoff Nicholson A Little Night Moisture
      Ken Cox Drawing
 42 Donald Atkinson Poems
      Robert MacAulay Drawing
 47 Jonathan Treitel The Winter People
      Anne Howeson Drawing
 50 John Heath Stubbs Carambus
 51 Lance Lee Border Crossing
 54 Marvin Cohen Poems
 55 Herbert Lomas Reviews
 65 Anthony Edkins An Essay on Reading
 69 Andrea Owen Prints
 74 Steve Athony Poems
 76 Jill Dawson Poems
      Mark Foreman The Boot
 79 Alison Tokeley Religion and the Rise of Capitalism
 86 James Laughlin Byways / William Carlos Williams

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