Ambit Issue 140

Ambit 140 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Vernon Scannell Poems and Fiction
    Michael Foreman Drawings
 7 Peter Kenneally a kind of loneliness at the top
     Ken Cox Drawings
 12 Penelope Shuttle Poems
 15 Fred Voss Poems
 18 Steven Conroy Recent Paintings
 23 Kate Ling Poems
 27 Chidi Onwuka Dead Red
 35 Charles Shearer Drawings
 41 Michael Dougherty Poems
 43 Ted Burford Waterman
 47 C B Follett Window
 48 Whalley, Peel, Eason, Grimes Four from Leicester
 52 Agnes Stein Dream Journey After Messiaen
      Sophie Morrish Drawing
 54 Sarah Kirsch (trans Agnes Stein) Poems
 55 Margitt Lehbert Poems
      Laura Knight Drawing
 57 Holger Teschke Poems
      Robert MacAulay Drawing
 61 Reiner Kunze (trans Judy Gahagan) Poems
      Charles Shearer Drawing
 64 Lotte Kramer Poems
 68 Lutz Rathenow (trans Agnes Stein) Poems
      Michael Foreman Drawing
 70 John Schuetz Photomontages
 72 Michael Krüger (trans Agnes Stein) Poems
      Anne Howeson Drawing
 75 Steffen Mensching (trans Margit Lehbert) Poems
 80 Eduardo Paolozzi From Germany
 85 James Laughlin The Rubble Railway (from Byways)

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