Ambit Issue 141

Ambit 141 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 Edwin Brock Poems
  Mike Foreman Drawings
8 Joseph Caldwell Rachel: A Memory Forgotten
Mike Foreman Drawing
19 Francis Bacon Small Portrait Studies
25 James Berry Poems
      Laura Knight Drawing
29 Charles Roff Mostar Summer 1995
33 Lorna Lijfen Poem
34 Victor Anant Small Change
     Ken Cox Drawings
46 Judith Kazantzis Letter in Winter
48 Sophie Moorish After W. B. Yeats
54 Judy Gahagan Poems
Sophie Morrish Drawings
58 Anthony Howell Immoral Sonnets
61 Scannell / Burns / Cole / Lomas Reviews
72 Nick Pemberton Learning to Look
    Anne Howeson Drawings
75 Russell Lucas Lingams & Noodles
    Anne Howeson Drawings
77 Steven Dove Drawings & Prints
82 Alain Bosquet / trans James Laughlin Tomorrow Without Me
85 Tony Lucas Practising Solitude
     Charles Shearer Drawing
89 Carole Satyamurti Poems
92 James Laughlin The Yellow Pad from Byeways

Artwork on cover by Francis Bacon, Two Studies for a Self-Portrait 1970

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