Ambit Issue 143

Ambit 143 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Gavin Ewart In Memoriam Poems
     Mike Foreman Drawing
 7 Ron Sandford Drawing of Gavin Ewart
 8 Martin Bax Call All My Lovers
     Mike Foreman Drawings
 19 Clare Fearnley Poems
 20 John Miller 'Cuts'
 26 Henry Graham Poems
     Robert MacAuley Drawing
 31 Sonja Besford Release the Shutter
      Charles Shearer Drawing
 39 Vernon Scannell Poems
       Laura Knight Drawing
 42 Brendan McMahon Poems
      Sophie Morrish Drawing
 44 John Hewitt Etchings
      Sophie Morrish Drawing
 50 Edward Lowbury Poems
 52 Val Warner Poems
 54 Toby Litt Z-Ward, Bojo, Kenneth And The Betamax Boy
     Ken Cox Drawing
 61 Anthony Edkins Poems
 64 Tobias Hill Poems
      Laura Knight Drawing
 67 Madeline Munro Poems
 69 Jim Burns, Vernon Scannell, Herbert Lomas Reviews
 80 Robert Cole Poems
 84 Stephen Dove Figures
 89 Peter Finch Poem
 91 Dick Hill Poems
      Anne Howeson / Charles Shearer Drawings
Artwork on cover by John Hewitt