Ambit Issue 146

Ambit 146 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Henry Graham Bar-Room Ballads
 5 Howard Tinker Vic Chews it Over
    Mike Foreman Drawing
 9 Judy Gahagan Poems
     Ken Cox Drawing
 14 Andrew Lanyon Drawings
 19 Nick Pemberton Poems
      Robert MacAulay Drawing
 23 Julia Casterton Poems
 26 Paul Mason Drawings
 32 Sudeep Sen Poems
      Ken Cox Drawing
 38 Joe Caldwell The Mystery of the Body
      Anne Howeson Drawings
 54 Michael Dougherty Poems
 60 Jim Burns Reviews
 66 D. Giles Scott from Before the Storm
 69 Steve Devine Drawings
 75 Felicity Napier Poems
 79 E. A. Markham Resistance
 85 Lance Lee Running with Thoreau
      Laura Knight Drawing
 88 Gahagan / Burns Reviews
 90 Mary Platt Poems
 92 John Harvey Poems
      Michael Foreman Drawing
 96 Ron Sandford John Harvey
Artwork on cover by Steve Devine

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