Ambit Issue 147

Ambit 147 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Peter Porter Poems
 6 Jacqueline Lucas Reading the Small Print
     Mike Foreman Drawing
 11 Anne Carson Poems
 12 Ron Sandford From a Tuscany Notebook
 18 Harry Guest Egyptology
     Charles Shearer Drawing
 21 David Newman In the Small World of a Warehouse
     Michael Foreman Drawing
 33 Kevin Crossley-Holland Poems
 34 Marita Over Poems
 36 Anthony Edkins Poems
 37 Bill Prosser Drawings
 43 Julian Caldecott Poem
 45 Mario Petrucci Elegy to Dr Eradicus
 46 Michael Symmons Roberts Five Gold Rings
 48 Scannell / Burns Reviews
 56 John Gladwell Poems
 58 Geoff Nicholson Scrawls
     Mike Foreman Drawing
 62 Lorna Liffen Poems
 65 Donald F. Nigroni The Squabble of the Muses
      Ken Cox Drawing
 69 David Tipton Poems from Peru
      Mark Foreman Drawing
 74 Andrzej Maria Borkowski Aquatints & Etchings
 78 Fred Voss Poems
 81 Michael Tolkien Reviews
 85 Colin Sutherill Poems
 88 James Laughlin Byways
 96 Ron Sandford Geoff Nicholson

Artwork on cover by Bill Prosser