Ambit Issue 149

Ambit 149 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Fifty Years After Midnight's Children
    Laura Knight, Victor Anant, Satyendra Srivastava
 13 Shanta Acharya Poems
    Charles Shearer Drawing
 17 Matthew Sweeney Poems
 19 Carl Tighe Hartland
     Charles Shearer Drawing
 30 Atar Hadari Poems
 33 Maggi Hambling Oscar Wilde
 41 Annemarie Austin Poems
 42 Judith Kazantzis Poems
      Michael Foreman Drawing
 49 John Hewitt Etchings
 50 Michael Dougherty Poems
 51 Peter Bakowski Poems
 56 John Harvey Still Water
      Ken Cox Drawing
 61 Rupert Malin Poems
 64 Gahagan / Lewis Reviews
 71 Julian Stannard Poems
 73 Stan Smith Drawings
 78 Daphne Gloag Poems
 82 Burns / Petrucci Reviews
 88 Robert Cole Poems
 90 Norman Lock Nervousness
 93 Michael Foreman Drawing
 94 Paul Groves Poems
 96 Ron Sanford Richard Dyer

 Artwork on cover by Maggi Hambling
 We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
 Oscar Wilde II 1996-7.

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