Ambit Issue 151

Ambit 151 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 Edwin Brock Last Poems - In Memorium
    Ron Sanford Drawing
    Michael Foreman Drawing
 16 Carl Tighe Al Haqq
    Anne Howson Drawing
 32 Bob Scriven Sculptures
 36 Laura Knight Drawing
 37 George Szirtes Poems
     Ron Sandford Portrait of George Szirtes
 43 Alan Brownjohn Staying on the Train
     Charles Shearer Drawing
 48 Ken Smith Poems
 50 Alan Young Cock Fighting - Images and Text
 54 Fred Voss Poems
     Christine Simpson Drawing
 58 Jeffrey L Schneider Pie
      Ken Cox Drawing
 62 Burns / Lomas Reviews
 66 Mark Harris Etchings
 71 Jehane Markham Poems
 74 Edward Lowbury Poems
 76 Bax / Casterton / Gahagan Reviews
 81 John Sewell Poems
 83 Kate Foley Poems
 85 Charles Shearer Drawing
 86 Lee Harwood Poems
      Charles Shearer Drawings
 90 Diana Syder Poems
 92 James Laughlin Last Poems - In Memorium
       Vanessa Jackson Photograph

Artwork on cover by Robert Scriven

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