Ambit Issue 154

Ambit 154 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Peter Porter Sassetta Sequence
     Mike Foreman Drawings
 9 Ron Sandford and Peter Porter Art into Ambit
 15 Ron Sandford / Judy Gahagan Fruit: Pearl River Delta
 22 Pascale Petit Poems
 25 Sarah Raphael Strip!
 31 E.A. Markham Horace: A Wonder of the World Part II
 40 John Welch Poems
 43 Ralph Steadman Vital Reading of the 20th Century
 50 Ken Cox / Julie Charalambides Flesh & Stones
 62 Robert McAulay/ Martin Bax Bible Story
 69 David Winwood Poems
 70 Laura Knight / Jacqueline Lucas Not a Full Deck
 76 Charles Shearer / Alan Brownjohn Irish Castles
 79 Scannell / Srivastava Reviews
 84 Diana Hendry Poems
 86 David Remfry / Geoff Nicholson Lori: A New York Story
 94 Peter Werner Poems
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Judy Gahagan

Artwork on cover by Ralph Steadman

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