Ambit Issue 157

Ambit 157 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Lance Lee Dante in Los Angeles
     Mike Foreman Drawings
 11 Raduan Nassar The Withered Womb
 15 Raduan Nassar Today Before Dawn trans. Monica Almeida & Kate Pemberton
      Charles Shearer Drawing
 17 Vernon Scannell Poems
 19 Laura Knight Pictures
 25 Georg Trakl Poems trans. Margitt Lehbert
 28 Geoff Nicholson New York: Beauty Order Convenience
    Ken Cox Drawing
 34 Jim Burns Poems
 37 Robert McAulay Pictures
 41 Julia Casterton Poems
 44 Sonja Besford Serbia Talking
     Mike Foreman Drawing
 48 Robert Cole Poems
 50 Johnny Strike Ha Ha Ha
      Ken Cox Drawing
 53 Armaiti Faulkner Barry
 54 Anthony Edkins Poems
 57 Gahagan Reviews
 61 Nathalie Handal Poems
 63 Lomas Reviews
 67 Mehmet Yashin Poems trans. Taner Baybars & Ruth Christie
 79 Caroline Green Pictures: Above and Below the Surface
 75 Linda Healey Poems
 78 Felicity Napier Leger Ladies
 80 Fred Voss Poems
 82 Burns / Jacobs / Lomas Reviews
 87 Sam Gardiner Poems
 89 Hilary Sheers Poems
 91 Alexis Lykiard Poems
 93 Henry Graham What They're Doing Now
 94 William Oxley Poems
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Kate Pemberton

Artwork on cover by Ken Cox

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