Ambit Issue 158

Ambit 158 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Ron Sandford Drawing
 3 Henry Graham Poems
 7 Ron Sandford Drawing
 8 Laura Knight Drawing
 9 Tony Dash Poems
 11 Nicholas Horsfield From Liverpool Retrospective
 17 David Bateman Poems
 22 Eugene Wolstenholme Know Your Liverpool
     Jacqueline Ley Pictures
 27 Joan Poulson Poems
 28 John Holden You Are the One
 34 Colin Watts Poems
 35 Ken Cox Drawing
 37 Matt Simpson Poems
 40 Bob Scriven Recent Sculptures
 43 Carole Baldock Poems
 45 Carl Tighe Visiting Auntie
 Charles Shearer Drawing
 52 Brian Wake Poems
 55 Dave Ward I Love the Sound of Breaking Glass
 56 Mandy Coe Poems
 58 Donald McKinlay Remembrance of Things Past
 60 Adrian Henri Poems
 62 Carole Baldock Reviews
 68 Gladys Mary Coles Poems
 70 Jim Mangnall City Dreaming
 Robert McAulay Drawing
 75 Michael Murphy Poems
 78 Burns / Lomas Reviews
 83 Michelle Burrows Meltdown
 84 Philip Wroe Pictures
 89 Lucy Page The Bridge
 91 Peter Bailey Ink and Wash
 95 Peter Halligan Poems
 96 Bennett Tracy Huffman Poems
 98 Jean Sprackland Before There Were Weather Forecasts
 99 David Greygoose Untitled
 100 Rebecca Goss A Man Greets His Wife...
 101 Ron Sandford Portrait of Adrian Henri
 102 Carol Ann Duffy Little Red-Cap
       Mike Foreman Drawing
 104 Ron Sandford Portrait Henry Graham
Artwork on cover by Bob Scriven
Design: John Morgan

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