Ambit Issue 159

Ambit 159 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 Mike Foreman Ride a Cockhorse into the Millennium
4 Anne Howeson Drawing
5 Carole Satyamurti Poems
7 Anne Howeson Millennial Staircase
8 Martin Bax A Child for the Millennium
20 Peter Porter Poems
    Mike Foreman Drawing
23 Mike Foreman Life in the Next Millennium
28 Satyendra Srivastava Sir Winston Churchill Knew My Mother
29 Naomi Frears Head
30 Laura Knight Drawing for the Millennium
31 Daphne Gloag The Painting of Light is Without Boundaries
34 Kate Pemberton Bird Bath
    Charles Shearer Drawing
39 Elizabeth Bartlett Poems
42 Joel E. Turner The Fisheye Incident: Part 1 (of 3 parts)
    Robert McAulay Drawing
55 Roger Caldwell Poems
59 Edward McCarten Etchings
64 Herbert Lomas Poems
65 Alan Mumford Poems
68 Scannell / Gahagan Reviews
73 Snowdon Barnett Also
74 Susan Azar Porterfield Poems
75 Keki N. Daruwalla Poems
77 Mike Foreman Drawing
78 Howard Tinker My Hitler Youth
     Ken Cox Drawing
83 Ted Burford He is Angry with Her
84 Bums / Lomas Reviews
90 Paul Groves Poems
92 Naomi Frears Heads
95 John Hewitt Millennial Monument
96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Judy Bax
Artwork on cover by Edward McCarten, The witches promise

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