Ambit Issue 161

Ambit 161 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Peter Redgrave Poems
 6 Geoff Nicholson Letter from New York
 10 Linda Chase  Poems
     Mark Foreman Drawing
 14 Bradford Johnson East Boston Drawings
 18 Julia Casterton  Poems
 21 Dai Vaughan  Xanadu and other stories...
     Mike Foreman Drawing
 25 Vénus Koury-Ghata Poems Trans. Marilyn Hacker
 28 Nicholas Royle Empty Stations
      Mike Foreman Drawing
 34 Peter Reading Poems
 38 Ron Sandford  Building a Bridge
 48 Michael Daugherty Poems
 52 Joel E Turner  The Fisheye Incident: Part 3 (of 3 parts)
 64 Hilary Sheers  Poems
 66 Lomas  Reviews
 71 Eugenio Montale Poems, Trans. N.S. Thompson
 73 Peter Lloyd  Masks from Mexico
 78 Tony Lucas  Poems
 80 Colin Sutherill  Poems
 82 Jacqueline Lucas  Point 5
       Ken Cox  Drawing
 88 Scanned, Belbin, Burns Reviews
 93 Lance Lee Poems
     Mike Forman Drawing
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Lance Lee

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