Ambit Issue 162

Ambit 162 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Mike Foreman  Drawing
 3 Satyendra Srivastava  The Tree in Front of my Window
 5 Ted Burford Gunplay
    Mark Foreman  Drawings
 11 Atar Hadari  Poems
 14 Lee Wagstaff  Prints, Permanence and Pain
    Joan Poulson Poems
 21 Tony Dash  Two Unreliable Recollections
     Philip Wroe Drawing
 23 Julian Stannard  Poems
 Ron Sandford Picture
 27 Rhian Gallagher Poems
 31 Sébastien Houix Poems
 33 Eduardo Paolozzi As Is When
 40 Patrick Ness  The Way All Trends Do
      Ken Cox Drawings
 52 Jim Greenhalf  Poems
 55 Lorna Liffen Poems
 57 Over, Burns  Reviews
 62 Eugene Dubnov Poems, Trans. by Friends
     Anne Howeson  Drawing
 67 John Hewitt New Etching
 73 J.L. Brooke Traders
      Mike Foreman Drawing
 82 William Oxley Poems
 85 Lomas, Gahagan, Jacobs Reviews
 91 Gerald Locklin Terence Blanchard: Jazz in Film
 94 Lynne Wycherley Poems
    Mike Foreman  Drawing
 97 Helena Nelson Poems
 101 Judy Kendall Foreigners
 102 Lotte Kramer Poems
 104 Ron Sandford Portrait of Lotte Kramer

Artwork on cover by Eduardo Paolozzi

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