Ambit Issue 163

Ambit 163 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 George Szirtes Poems
   Mike Foreman Drawing
7 John Berger Waving Out of the Train Window
    Charles Shearer Drawing
12 Ron Sandford Portrait of Victor Anant
13 Victor Anant Paper Grave
    Charles Shearer Drawing
18 Jim Burns Poems
22 Thomas Gallant  Prints: Skin
27 Matthew Pitt  Poems
28 Herbert Lomas Poems
29 Sophie Frank  My Gary Blue: An Extract
40 David Grubb  Poems
43 Maria Jastrzebska The Man with No Heart
45 Howard Tinker  You Can Go Home Again
    Blaise Thompson Drawings
52 Judith Kazantzis Poems
54 Susan Taylor Poems
55 Charles Shearer Drawings: Northern Lights
60 John Gladwell Poems
62 Kevin Murray Poems
63 Lomas, Gahagan, Belbin Reviews
68 William Spencer Poems
70 Rebecca Vincenzi  La Boite Echangiste
     Ken Cox Drawing
78 Katie Griffiths Poems
81 Martin Fuller New Work
85 Gordon Wharton Poems
87 Bax, Burns Reviews
92 Linda Rose Parkes  Poems
94 John Cotton  Poems
96 Ron Sandford Portrait of John Cotton

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