Ambit Issue 164

Ambit 164 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Judy Gahagan Poems
      Anne Howeson Picture
 7 Heather Reyes The Colour of 33
 10 Vernon Scannell Poems
      Ken Cox Picture
 14 Stephen Sharp  Mental Health
 Robert McAulay  Picture
 17 Patrick Hughes Properspective
 23 EA Markham  From a Waitress at the Franziskaner Hotel...
 24 Fred Voss  Poems
      Charles Shearer Pictures
 30 Johnny Strike
      Mike Foreman  Picture
 33 Volker Sielaff  Poems, trans. Stephan Tobler
 35 Geoff Nicholson Famous in New York
      Mike Foreman  Picture
 41 Briony Bax Poems
 44 Ken Cox In Turkey
 49 Alexis Lykiard Poems
 52 Gahagan, Lomas, Scannell Reviews
 57 Lance Lee Poems
 60 Julie Whitby Poems
 62 Dai Vaughan Germs: Swifts and Bronze
 65 Penelope Shuttle Poems
 68 Neil Pittaway  Longitude
 73 Alistair Wisker Poems
 75 Edward Rodney Davey The Imperial Silence
 Charles Shearer  Picture
 78 Thomas Kretz Poems
       Mike Foreman Picture
 80 Burns, Over Reviews
 86 Bennett Tracy Huffman  Poems
 Mike Foreman  Picture
 88 Francis Ponge from The Defence of Things, trans, Beverley Bie
 93 Stephen Guppy Poems
 95 Charles Shearer Asleep in your Wake
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Charles Shearer

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