Ambit Issue 165

Ambit 165 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Carole Satyamurti Poems
 5 Martin Bax Eleven Pipers Piping
     Mike Foreman Picture
 18 Lorna Liffen Poems
 19 Edward McCarten Charcoal and Etchings
 24 N.S. Willey The Storm
 27 Howard Tinker The Lakes
      Robert McAulay Picture
 33 Robert Sward A Poem Cycle
 Patrick Hughes  Picture
 38 Casterton, Lomas, Over Reviews
 43 Leah Fritz Poems
 45 Rebecca J. Skertchly From a Sketchbook
 50 Robert Cole Poems
 55 Judith Kazantzis Zones of Love and Terror
      Ken Cox  Picture
 65 Brian Wake  Poems
 68 Tony Lucas Out of a Cold Bed
      Charles Shearer Picture
 70 Burns, Gahagan, Scannell Reviews
 76 Helen Ivory  Poems
 78 Elizabeth Cowing Monuments, Ephesus
 79 Ron Sandford North Italian Drawing Book
 85 Paddy Zimmermann The Absence of Walnuts and Pears
 86 Lee Harwood  Poems
 89 Bernadette Higgins Sermon to Oath
      Margot Cox Picture
 90 Julia Casterton Poems
 Mike Foreman Picture
 92 Nairn Kennedy Across the Styx
 94 Jehane Markham Poems
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Jehane Markham

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