Ambit Issue 166

Ambit 166 ISSN: 0002-6772

2 Peter Redgrove  Poems
7 John Harvey In a True Light
    Ken Cox Picture
15 Andrzej Klimowski  The Secret
21 Herbert Lomas Streaky Bacon
22 Dannie Abse Poems
24 Kevin Patton  Transient
 Robert McAulay  Picture
30 Sonja Besford Poems
32 Chris Orr New Drawings
37 John Cotton Thetis's Advice
38 Florence Elon Poems
41 DC Jeffreys Hugo's Head
     Margot Cox Pictures
55 Graham Mummery The God's have become Diseases
58 Burns, Casterton, Dash, Scannell Reviews
64 Helena Nelson Poems
    Mike Foreman Picture
66 Martin Bax Twelve Drummers Drumming
    Mike Foreman Pictures
81 Nick Pemberton Drunk in the Country
82 Hewitt, Garner, Hannah, Sparrow Etchings from the Royal College of Art
88 Klipschutz Poems
90 Gahagan, Lomas, Over Reviews
96 Peter Werner Poems
98 Beverley Bie Poems
100 Lucy Aphramor Poems
102 Julie Whitby At the Crematorium
103 Daphne Gloag Poems
      Ron Sandford Pictures
112 Ron Sandford Portrait of Daphne Gloag

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