Ambit Issue 167

Ambit 167 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Peter Porter River Poems
    Mike Foreman Picture
 5 Sophie Frank The Window: An Extract
 Charles Shearer Pictures
 17 Brian Biddle Poems
 20 Judy Kendall Poems
 22 Sam Jury Digital Imagery, Painting & Printmaking
 28 Gary Allen Poems
 31 Geoff Nicholson 99 Scenes from Somebody Else's Life
     Mike Foreman Pictures
 35 Atar Hadari City of Heaven
 36 Sid Thomas American Duet
 38 Ellis Sharp Two Short Fictions
      Mike Foreman Picture
 40 Maria Jastrzębska Poems
 42 Andrzej Klimowski The Secret
 48 Vernon Scannell The Year of the Crab
 54 Michael Walker  Poems
 56 Burns, Gahagan, Markham Reviews
 61 Carl Tighe KssssS: Extracts
    Ken Cox  Picture
 74 Diana Syder  Protestations of Innocence
      Mike Foreman Picture
 76 Leo Duff Cambodian Sketchbook, April 2001
 82 Stuart B Campbell Poems
 84 Reviews Casterton, Lomas, Scanned
 90 John O'Donoghue  Poems
 92 Myra Schneider  Poems
 95 Gerda Mayer  Balloon with Message
     Mike Foreman Picture
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Paul Clarvis

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