Ambit Issue 170

Ambit 170 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Vernon Scannell Poems
    Mike Foreman Picture
 5 Geoff Nicholson Letter from New York
    Lucinda Rogers Ground Zero Drawings
 11 Donald Gardner The Glittering Sea
 12 Lucinda Rogers In the Salvation Army Tent
 13 Judy Gahagan  Poems
 17 Linda Kitson Front Line in the Falklands
 22 Susan Reynolds Evil Eye
     Ken Cox Picture
 28 Joan Poulson Poems
 31 Gavin Bantock Poems
 Mike Foreman Picture
 34 Joel E.Turner The Alfalfa Interview
 38 Amanda White Poems
 40 Paul Bawden Organic Etchings
 46 Tim Liardet Poems
 48 Reviews Lomas, Scannell
 53 Tony Dash Poems
      Philip Wroe Picture
 57 William Oxley Poems
 59 Joshua Bodwell  Two Short Pieces
 Mike Foreman Picture
 63 G.J. Allen Poems
 66 Burns, Gahagan, Markham Reviews
 72 Linda Rose Parzes Poems
 74 Mark Foreman Cornish Drawings
 79 Anthony Edkins Poems
 82 Helena Nelson Poems
 84 Paul Morris The Hole Shopping Experience
 Robert McAulay Pictures
 90 Naomi Foyle Poems
 93 Andrew Elliott Poems
 96 Ron Sandford Portrait of Susan Reynolds

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