Ambit Issue 171

Ambit 171 ISSN: 0002-6772

 2 Penelope Shuttle Poems
 5 Trevor Hoyle It Never Rains
    Mike Foreman Tram Car
 12 Stephen Wiltshire Etchings
 17 Peter Philips Poems  
 18 Alan Brownjohn Poems
 21 Michael Daugherty Poems
 24 Gwen MacKeith Uterus Beds
 Charles Shearer Picture
 29 Norman Ackroyd Painting with Acid
 35 Ron Butlin Poems
 38 Helen Claire Poems
 40 D C Jeffreys Sprites of Light
      Margot Cox Picture
 54 Peter Werner Poems
 56 Lucien Jenkins Poems
 58  Burns. Gahagan Reviews
 63 Donald Gardner Poems
       Lucinda Rogers Picture
 68 Angela Kirby Poems
 70 John Emanuel Pen and Wash Women
 75 Myra Schneider Poems
 77 Lomas, Markham, Scannell Reviews
 83 Adolf Endler Poems, trans. Stefan Tobler
 85 Robert Seatter Poems
      Charles Shearer Picture
 88 Fiona Sampson Poems
      Mike Foreman The Dog Poet
 91 Sue Butler Poems
 92 Jeremy Worman Oysters
      Ken Cox Pictures
 95 Agnes Stein Poems
 98 Ron Sandford Cullivoe Man

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